Young Mothers, Take Heart! – You Can Do It


An amazing resource from someone who’s been there, done that, and has succeeded in life despite what other’s thought possible!

Young Mom's Club - Empowering Young Mother's

Young Mom’s Club – Empowering Young Mother’s –

Danielle is a shining example of success by all respectable standards and proves that no matter what your situation is, you can do well in life.


So… You are here because you searched google for tips about being a young mom, or were searching online because you are considering having an abortion.  Or maybe someone who really cares about you share this with you?

Either way you are blessed to discover Danielle right now because there is nothing like having a resource which can empower you to become the best version of yourself despite all odds and, at the core, that is really what this is all about.  “Lifestyle Design”, as I define it, is, “creating a life lived with purpose, on purpose.”  And Danielle is living proof that you (YES YOU!) can design an amazing life for yourself even despite facing the challenges which come with being a young mother.

Check out, 7 Steps to Being a Kick Ass Mom

Pregnancy is amazing, having children is a blessing, yet some people, and even society in general, can be downright negative about what can literally be one of the most positive things in your life!  Sure, pregnancy can be frightening… and having children is definitely hard work!  But with the right resources, support, and mindset, you can succeed in creating the life you want AND enjoy being a mother.  Raising kids and fulfilling your life purpose are not mutually exclusive as you may have been made to feel/think.

Visit Young Mother’s Club to read stories from mothers who prove that you can do it!

Danielle and her resources are for you…

If you’re needing help as a single mom and dealing with:

  •   Facing the stigma/judgments of being a teen mom, or even feeling slighted/judged for having children in your early twenties
  •   Not getting the support you should from your boyfriend or husband
  •   Struggling to provide the stability and care your kid(s) need
  •   You just could use some encouragement to get through life; someone who understands

Or maybe you’re feeling hopeless about finding out you are pregnant and even considering an abortion, maybe you’re even being pressured to have one.

  • Society says you’re a F#@ up, offering no solution other than to kill your baby.
  • Likely your boyfriend isn’t supportive, doesn’t care, or perhaps just doesn’t even know how to care or what to do.
  • Perhaps your parents are disappointed and just want this “situation” to go away, and all they can do is make you feel ashamed.

Don’t despair, young mother, there is hope and there really is a way forward without an abortion.  You can handle being a mom and even become a totally amazing one at that!  My hope is that one day you’ll look back with joy on your decision to keep your baby and your beautiful child will be known to you as one of the greatest blessings in your life.

Have a quick listen to Danielle, and then connect with her…


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Project 52 – A Commitment To Stay Committed

Project 52

Ok, I’ve been extremely slack about my web post for quite a while now (ok, for almost a decade), albiet justifiably so because of how truly busy my life has been, the fact that over the last few years i’ve not even owned my own computer, and now because of my new devotion to the many web projects of which I’ll be announcing soon that I’ve taken on since being welcomed back to the online world this time last year.

Wowzers, maybe I’ll get banned again for having such awesome run-on sentences like the one paragraphed above and this one but, at least I won’t be going out without a fight or due to a lack of weekly updated post thanks to Project 52 – a newly formed support kinda group for blog slackers like me!

Now most people who know me understand that to motivate the creative juices outta me is not such a difficult task at all, it’s controlling where this fire-hose spray of a blast points once the valve is on.

Although my focus on work has really benefited my other projects and a rather large client of mine lately, I came to the sad realization that meanwhile the blogosphere has suffered from my lack of input… yikes!

It was with this very delima, although extremely left of focus at the time, that Anton Peck’s Project 52 presented itself as a possible solution.

Seems I found it just in time too, as it’s only in the begining stages and I think it will be fun to see where it goes. (I’ll do my part – Anton, let me know when you’re running outta string or if I can send you some M&Ms)

“….what is Project 52 already?!!”

Ok, for all of you non multi-tasking one-track-mind people out there who haven’t clicked over to Project 52 yet… just do it… here’s the link again, as having you browse over there is much easier and fun than for me to have to explain it.

For those who just love me too much to leave or at least enough to come back, Project 52 is simply a call to commitment of posting at least one creative writing per week to your blog. So in case you are mentally slow, that’s just as the name implies – 52 post in a year.

While I hardly think this post is creative at all, at least Project 52 has got me ‘off my butt’ and outta my temporal rutt with a fresh commitment to show my blog readers more of Brent’s creative writing love. …(complete with a support group to boot)

One good inspiration deserves another… So in case any of you “pro-bloggers” (as-if) happen to be reading, here’s your word of encouragement for today:

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” – Vincent Lombardi

…Now go write something worth reading!!

Ohh, and another for those not joining Project 52 due to commitment phobia,

“To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” – Elbert Hubbard

…ummm, have fun with that?

Here’s to a great 52 weeks of post – have a blessed 2010 everyone!!

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About This Site

i am brent.

On this personal site of mine you’ll find some of these topics:

World Politics

  • Truth is stranger than fiction, conspiracy theories aren’t theories when they get proven


  • All about our content driven Internet and about the world of web logging, aka bloggin’
  • My online journey from the very beginning of blogging history on the internet to becoming an internet rockstar

About My Guitars

  • Featuring all 9 of my beautiful babes, and other stuff about music equipment


  • Art can stimulate and bless your mind and soul
  • Creating our own art, as well as enjoying and sharing other’s art can really enhance out lives

Featured Websites That I love

  • Online resources that benefit my life, hope they’ll benefit yours too


  • Because I am into healthy living, and I like to study and learn about everything related to holistic health
  • One of my start-up project goals is the opening of a health and wellness facility


  • I have crazy experiences with God and angels and seeing wild miracles happen.

Business Projects of Mine

  • Fashion design and retail, e-commerce
  • NeevusOS – my own GNU/Linux computer operating system
  • Building a worldwide online social network

Lifestyle Design

  • How I define lifestyle design – “Creating a life lived with purpose, on purpose.”
  • Tips and Ideas for helping you create the life you want
  • Living life to the full, with adventure, and with great success


  • Our world is so fascinating and want to experience it all and share all I can with other’s about the amazing cultural history, languages, sites to see, and peoples of our world.


  • I’m a music junky! Funk, Soul, Blues, Country, Alt-Rock, Rap – give me all of it, but none of the super cheesy commercial stuff
  • I play guitar and write songs

Technology and Science

  • Of course I can write a lot about both technology and science since they are some of my most passionate interest from an early childhood, beginning with the electronic kits and science kits that were my best friends growing up.


  • I dig crazy and fun stuff and I know how to sew and create stuff too, NeevusFashion is my creation


  • My dogs are my best friends and I have always loved animals
  • I want horses again, they were a part of my childhood and honestly I won’t consider my life a total success until the day I have a ranch home with at least two horses to ride

Poetry, Autobiographical Stories, and Articles I Write

  • Expressing myself with poetry comes easy for me, I owe this to having read so much in my lifetime, especially as a child, and also because of practice.
  • I enjoyed writing to get my point across, and my writings have been featured here and there both credited and as a ghost writer.
  • My lifetime includes some pretty crazy adventure stories and I expect more to come, so there’s plenty to write about! I’m working on turning my private journals into an autobiography which I’ll publish here as blog posts.

Thanks for coming by, stay tuned for all of this and more…

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i kinda want one of these

I stumbled upon this cool blog by Alpay Kasal who is quite an ingenious inventor.

Just take a look at the fun art and cool technology toys that he creates and consequentially gets to play with, such as the one in this video:

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Jared and Amy Christian Featured on

Check out my brother and his wife, Jared and Amy Christian on

CBS 7 – Your Eye on West Texas.

doing an interview about ‘couch surfing’ and using as a practical travel tool for aquiring alternative sleep/housing accomodations.   As you will see in the interview, they plan on using while on their world wide travel adventures.  They will actually be living in 12 different countries and spending one month in each over the course of their travels!

More interesting info about their mission trip and involvement with the World Race can be found here:

Jared’s Page:

Amy’s Page:

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