Charles Holloway: How to Create an Impactful Company

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Grace: A Sailboat Without A Name

The story of Grace, a sailboat rescued from being sunk, is coming soon!

If you sign up below for updates to my site, you will get this follow up story…
+plus the amazing truth about why in the world I’m out living on a sailboat 😀

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I’m Just A Hideaway?

Some folks been wondering where I’m at.

If you know me, I’m just a hideaway…

If you don’t, I’m just hiding away…

A place to hide away for geeking out all day.

“A place to hide away for geeking out all day.”

Way thankful for having such an awesome 'office' to get chip done.

Way thankful for having such an awesome ‘office’ to get chip done.

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Used To Love You

I was telling a new friend about my past relationship…
In an attempt to be hopeful, she says, “Well maybe it’s not too late to try again, ya never know what can happen.”

Perhaps she didn’t understand that my heart has moved on,
…or was it that she could see that I still care soo much??

I still wonder how my ex, Robin, feels about us… whenever she is honest.
Not just about the memories which could be both good and bad…
But what of our love?
Love that gave us great joy together.
Love that got us through tough times together.

Can’t say it wasn’t real.


Gwen keeps it real…
Hard for me to be happy for her new single though.
Of course, it’s another great song… that’s what she does.
But it’s a sad to know what her heart’s been subject to.

Gwen Stefani - Used To Love You

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We might be skydiving… in our dreams!


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I’m Ready For What’s Next

{“3 More Days…” – Autobiography, TBC}
I’m ready for what’s next!
I’m ready… to take it to the streets
…I’m ready for the shuffle, ready for the deal, ready to let go of the steering wheel…
I’m ready…

…I’m just done the line from your love… under the sign for your love…
I’m gonna make it on time ~

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How are you -really- doing today?

However you show up today, the world can take it.

Today, some of us can’t sleep.
Tomorrow some of us will walk this earth with less energy in our bones.
Yesterday some of us were cheated on by partners, and our hearts crack in our chests with each footstep we make.
Some of us are battling depression.
Some of us carry a weight that dares us to lift our feet and get out of bed in the morning. Our pride and shame make us afraid to tell others in case they think less of us.
Some of us are on horrendous diets in order to lose weight because we’re blinded by perfectionism and the scars of the cruel words others have said–words that sprung from empty hearts.
Forgive them, for they do not know you. They had no idea of the impact that these words had.
Some of us are broke.
Some of us are eating peanut butter and jam sandwiches on Wonder bread, waking up each day chained to scarcity and a fear of being homeless.
Some of us are grieving, staying up until 3am speaking words to someone who will never speak back, letting the transparency of salty tears stain our white sheets.

These people will walk beside you today.
They may smile.
When you ask them how they are, they may reply “good.”
Because we live in a society where we are afraid to be anything but “good.”
We are even afraid to tell this to those who love us when we are weak.

~ Janne Robinson

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Motorscooter buttercup…

Motorscooter buttercup streetkid queen
Her contagious smile is my dailygrind pickup
Light therapy of her angelface soothes my soul
As she dances away the demons with only a leap
And sings healing to my spirit with her laughter

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Shine On You Crazy Diamond

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Return to September, July’s Stolen Prize

The ‘commoner’s ring’, more than controversy, was a great prophecy!
As surely as the Lord’s will must come about, and for future generation’s sake no doubt, it wrought in a Prince’s heart sacred lessons and all means to stay true, wether tempted by green eyes or blue…

T’was amazing Grace, undeserved honor bestowed, which turned a prince
from a toad and, amidst global gossip spread from humble hometown abode, prevailed against lies which did well to forbode with slight foretell of Hell’s looming attempts at bringing Love down and yet serindipitously simultaneously saddled strongly still Simpleton’s chance destiny of approaching, nigh assuming, the Crown.
For although thought not to be allowed, indeed was plucked
as a flower from the field, a princess among the crowd.
Forgiveness and Patience also saw her through, assisting ascention to lofty heights of all Queenly virtue.

So all the witnesses said, ‘Amen!’, as did the people in cheers and joy-tears as even was heard blessings from the Heavens, a galactic jubulient shout, for a lifetime of love to be lived out as beautiful and bountifully as their bells rang out. From scrolls of Ether’s domain, manifest alive in full procession, entered fully Christened a new order of Divine succession!

‘Tis a lesson forever to remember,
Of how Royal Ruby was scorned for Sapphire September.
…And, how, thusly, the ring, blue and true, overcame theft and controversy to fullfill dreams of prophecy.


Ruby is the Birthstone of July.
It’s a stone of love and passion, chemically the same as Sapphire except how it’s affected by coloring matter.
In market value it is ranked next to Diamond.

Sapphire is the Birthstone of September.
An emblem of Heaven, Wisdom, Truth, Consistancy, Faith, and Fidelity.
In hardness it surpasses the Ruby, yielding only to Diamond.

Both stones hail from the same family.

July Birthstone 1

september birthstone 1

September birthstone 11

July Birthstone 8

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