Social Networks

Wow! So many social networks are out here on the www!!
But that didn’t stop me from creating more…

In fact I’ve created a personal network for my dear friends and esteemed colleages to fellowship on. To learn more about it and join in the experience visit

You may also connect with me in the old ways, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, plus many others…

I’ll revisit this page later (meaning, whenever I feel like it) to add a full index of all the profiles which I have on various networks. I use about a dozen of them on the regular, but I’m registerd on at least 144. If you would like to find me on any particular one, I’m quite easy to find – simply look up: ‘brentchristian’ or search for my trademark catch phrase: “i am brent.”

And as if there aren’t enough social networks out here, I’m also cultivating specialized networks in many diverse niches of interest.

Such as:

Performing Arts
Nomadic Lifestyle
Business Development
Fashion and Beauty
Real Estate
Fair Trade
Holistic Health
Car Racing

What’s more, is that each of these networks are growing on my very own social networking platform which I’ve created based on the lovely WordPress and a plethora of plugins created for it. This means you too will be able to easily create your very own network for any special interest group you desire. Release Coming Soon!

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