Bio Computing

Thinking of…

Designing a biological virus programmed to mature (or not mature!) into a type of ‘cellular memory’ and optionally a complete self-booting
server node pre-configured to automatically network itself with other virus symbiotic biological nodes or even non-biological nodes forming
a distributed data cluster and/or machine learning platform among them, parasitically powered from it’s hosts’ passive electrical energy.

– Must maintain redundant hosts for fault tolerance when hosts reach end of life.
– Host could be feed GMO to increase/maintain electrical throughput,
and GMO feeding should obviously be engineered for supporting longevity of homeostasis in hosts.
– Stem cell organism could be grown for this rather than utilizing host creatures though.
– Any biological host organisms configured to communicate with non-biological systems should be non-sensory stem-cell entities,
for the sake of being humane to any host which would otherwise possibly be physically, emotionally, or mentally impeded upon
by communication infrastructure.

Maintaining data integrity, security, and ethnics would mean preventing the virus from biological mutation though.
So there’s that.

What do you think?

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  • Sarah says:

    I think you are a genius.

  • Sarah says:

    When you are ur referring to ‘host’, are you indicating that it would be a person? And the virus feeding off of ‘passive’ energy, does that indicate the person’s co2 output? You want to continue this even when the host dies? Reaching the ‘end of life’? And being feed GMO’s, like the GMO s that are in food?

  • Sarah says:

    I still love this. It needs further study.

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