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autobiographical fragments:

love to meet new people and learn new things constantly.

have a passion for establishing international business as a means to help people know and experience the love and freedom of God worldwide. i want to cure the physical and spiritual suffering of this world and it’s inhabitants, to see everything set free from the curse of sin by fully manifesting Christ and Heaven on Earth.

i’m genuinely concerned with having God affect every aspect of my life by letting Him teach me and show me how to live!

love music, play guitar, love reading, have a lot of books, like to teach and am a good teacher. love horses, miss riding them, and want my own again. like studying business, like to take things apart to see how they work, like to fix stuff, i’ve worked with computers since i was 7 (thanx Computron) and have maintained a love hate relationship with them over the years, i’m a great cook, love outdoor adventure too. traveling is the best. love people more than anything. especially have a heart for the poor and the homeless. i love to cheer people up, to bring encouragement to the downcast and healing to sick people as i live out Jesus’ amazing example.

languages are something i want to master. i’ve got friends from all over the world: african, french, lebanese, israeli, indian, morrocan, cuban, italian, turkish, russian, and indonesian. there has been so much learned from all these, and so much more to learn!

my future holds much hard work but with great reward as i learn more each day how to handle the hardships, blessings, sadness, and joys, of being one with God!

~ brent

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