Be Someone’s Angel…

Has a stranger ever showed up in perfect timing to help, inspire, encourage, love you?

Pray you’ll be that stranger to someone in need out there, and be ready to follow God’s prompting about when and what to do. Ask for the help of angels.

You will be blessed to be that stranger who blesses another, and experience more of the Kingdom of Heaven as you also help manifest it to Earth!

Glory adventures await! Have fun ~


Here’s a beautiful example of “being someone’s angel”

[Read the full story here if you like:]

Woman tracks down stranger who hugged her in saddest moment of…

This woman tracked down the stranger who hugged her in the saddest moment of her life.

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Holy Garlic, Batman!

Garlic within
Forgiveness of sin
Eating bites of holy cloves throughout my nights
Prayerfully transforming wrongs to rights

Garlic solitude
Changing of mood, tranquility, new vitality, expunging fears
For all the bloody years, I stuff it in my ears
An equilibrium adjustment, pre-flight
Soul detox before I begin again to flex my warlord might

Garlic sight
Eyes burning, adjusting, learning
Clearing vision, empowering decision
Eagle eyes, seeing past the lies

Garlic all over
Everything off my shoulder, sigh, relax, relieve
Sanctimonious vapors in the air I breathe
Pressure relief from weary belief systems of grief

Garlic ritual
All over my chest, mother’s baby gonna do his best
Purging the vampire, for inheriting an empire
I fall to sleep with it pressed on my heart
For a real man to rise with a new start
Soaring above all percy
Embracing Yahweh’s daily mercy
And His blessings with no sorrow
Each day a purer, brighter, tomorrow

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Brimful of Asha, Hope Through Music

Over 20 years ago now Tjinder Singh was waxing nostalgic for the music that gave him hope growing up.
Thus the hit song, Brimful of Asha, was born and brought to us through his band Cornershop.

Now one can look back with nostalgia for the days when they were looking back,
when their music about the music which helped them get along in turn also helped us to get along.
And we can all yearn throughout the ages for that bosom of a pillow,
for the freedom of those youthful days of coming of age when the music was our escape
though it be a 45, an obsolete CD, or those 90’s radio airwaves

Today, we still ‘don’t need no government warnings’.
We need our freedom. We need it just as much now as we did then.
So we shouldn’t only look back with wishful thinking,
we must play the music, and create the music… keep alive our music…

So I say, “Joie de vivre!”
Gimme a brimful of Asha,
those carefree tunes,
my cushion of hope to see me through!

[For you google searching for the meaning of this song, maybe it’s bothered you since you where in highschool even, lol, well, finally, today is your day – here you go: “What does the song ‘Brimful of Asher’ mean?“]

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Our DNA and The Science of ‘Life After Death’

I believe there is something in our design, our DNA, which allows us to live after we die in the same way a seed from a plant lies dormant and appears dead, yet it is still alive and even programmed to return new life to the earth in it’s season.

Although we don’t fully understand the science of such things yet,
I believe we will just as it is possible to understand how a seed works.

I pray we all reach for the understandings of such things, staying mindful of how precious life is, and that by each our own unique ways we’ll sow only good things into the earth and give our best as a way of gratitude for our lives.

To be Continued…

Evolutionary Dance by Krystleyez

Evolutionary Dance by Krystleyez

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained……

Nothing ventured, nothing gained……

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autonomoushumanoid uberhorsecarriage bitcoinjesus…

autonomoushumanoid uberhorsecarriage bitcoinjesus futurefunkaholic cellphoningtaxibus newmexicocyberalien…

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You need a safe harbor
But you’re being warned that it’s not here…

You need a safe harbor
But you’re being warned that it’s not here

Our dreams were spoken way too soon
Now there’s nothing left and no more room
For all our promises and words which meant nothing anyways
Merely deceitful delusions for wasting away our days

Eternity and Hope – Nope!
Can’t be worthy of what we could be
When ego throws precious treasure overboard at sea
When romance fades and her water proves much too shallow

God’s lighthouse beams it’s bright warning lights to you
Don’t crash upon her shore
Don’t dare love her any more

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Hang On To Your Hope…

Hang On To Your Hope……

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