Bio Computing

[January 15, 2018] Thinking of…

Designing a biological virus programmed to mature (or not mature!) into a type of ‘cellular memory’ and optionally a complete self-booting
server node pre-configured to automatically network itself with other virus symbiotic biological nodes or even non-biological nodes forming
a distributed data cluster and/or machine learning platform among them, parasitically powered from it’s hosts’ passive electrical energy.

– Must maintain redundant hosts for fault tolerance when hosts reach end of life.
– Host could be feed GMO to increase/maintain electrical throughput,
and GMO feeding should obviously be engineered for supporting longevity of homeostasis in hosts.
– Stem cell organism could be grown for this rather than utilizing host creatures though.
– Any biological host organisms configured to communicate with non-biological systems should be non-sensory stem-cell entities,
for the sake of being humane to any host which would otherwise possibly be physically, emotionally, or mentally impeded upon
by communication infrastructure.

Maintaining data integrity, security, and ethnics would mean preventing the virus from biological mutation though.
So there’s that.

What do you think?

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Hiatus from Hiatus

…One Year Later

Yikes! How the time flew since my last post – Ridiculous.

It’s even more ridiculous how the time has passed since the internet grew from a sparce network of Bulletin Board Systems to the Wide World Web and now to the ‘Internet of Things’ (whatever the tech that means).

Meanwhile, I’ve been traveling all around this growing mountian of technology we call the Internet… spending weary years in awe and addiction to the vast wealth of information it makes readily available to feed upon. Not wanting to miss a thing, I’ve wandered up ever so slowly in my climb to experience every detail along the way – a wildflower picker – stopping to enjoy every detail and even exploring the lunatic fridge of our www during my slow accent to my destiny as a content producer.

Soon, this traveler of information and human expression will take his turn in sharing myself with you again and finally make good on my promises to keep this site updated regularly.

The thing is, I actually have a ton of stuff to publish!

Seriously, authentic blog post goodness is heading your way once I get my head out of the cloud server and take the time to manage regular quality updates.

I’m constantly writing stuff actually, but unfortunately I usually get interrupted in the heat of inspiration and have to save it to a draft and forget about it. …But those drafts are not to be forgotten. They will see the light of day! …or rather the backside of the blogosphere. And you my dear readers, will hear tales from the forgotten days of web logging – When Ben Brown became an Internet Rockstar and zines were still the creative and passionate outlet of ‘geeks’, when truly connecting with someone online was not taken for granted, a time when proffiteering gluttons hadn’t yet fully polluted the waters of our beloved Internet. And here on my site you will once again get glimpses into my heart and soul, as I post about my life – my friends, my family, my journeys, my joys and sorrows, and life projects – all poured out on this blog…

Stay tuned. RSS anyone?

– brent

I am assembling a special network of blogs – a type of webring – which aims to be a throwback to the internet’s days of yore while utilizing all that’s fresh in modern web development to present a networked experience of nostalgia, kindred spirits, and future embrace. If this sort of thing interest you, then join me on my personal social network –>

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My Website Runs on Luminiferous Aether

Ethernet, which is the collective technologies of medium used to transmit data at the physical layer of our beloved Internet, derived its name from a concept held popular among physicist during the late 19th century – Luminiferous aether.

It has been said that the very idea of luminiferous aether, the invisible medium by which all light travels through, has been cut out of the scientific communities’ acceptace by “Occam’s razor”. However, reasoning along the lines of that razor means the pathetic acceptance of whatever seems rational instead of actually coming to know truth. This is how the theory of helio-centricity was introduced by Copernicus and devilishly hoisted upon the minds of men, and why it still remains a persistant detractor from the real truth of geo-centricity.

I heartily laugh at all this while the sun orbits me through light-bearing aether – for a little razor is no match for my mighty sword. 🙂

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About This Site

i am brent.

On this personal site of mine you’ll find some of these topics:

World Politics

  • Truth is stranger than fiction, conspiracy theories aren’t theories when they get proven


  • All about our content driven Internet and about the world of web logging, aka bloggin’
  • My online journey from the very beginning of blogging history on the internet to becoming an internet rockstar

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  • Guitar: Featuring all 9 of my beautiful babes, and other stuff about guitar equipment.
  • Getting the best from using technology without losing the soul of the song.


  • Art can stimulate and bless your mind and soul
  • Creating our own art, as well as enjoying and sharing other’s art can really enhance our lives

Featured Websites That I love

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  • Because I am into healthy living, and I like to study and learn about everything related to holistic health
  • One of my start-up project goals is the opening of a health and wellness facility


  • I have crazy experiences with God and angels and seeing wild miracles happen.

Business Projects of Mine

  • Fashion design and retail, e-commerce
  • NeevusOS – my own GNU/Linux computer operating system
  • Building a worldwide online social network

Lifestyle Design

  • How I define lifestyle design – “Creating a life lived with purpose, on purpose.”
  • Tips and Ideas for helping you create the life you want
  • Living life to the full, with adventure, and with great success


  • Our world is so fascinating and want to experience it all and share all I can with other’s about the amazing cultural history, languages, sites to see, and peoples of our world.


  • I’m a music junky! Funk, Soul, Blues, Country, Alt-Rock, Rap – give me all of it, but none of the super cheesy commercial stuff
  • Will be showcasing the musical works of my favorite artist and discussing music art in general
  • I play guitar and write songs, maybe I’ll share ; )

Technology and Science

  • Of course I can write a lot about both technology and science since they are some of my most passionate interest from an early childhood, beginning with the electronic kits and science kits that were my best friends growing up.


  • Because I dig crazy and fun fashions and enjoy to sewing and creating stuff too, of course I’ll be talking all about this subject as well — and BTW…
  • I’m the founder of NeevusFashion, check it out!


  • My dogs are my best friends and I have always loved animals, expect animal photos and stories to be featured.
  • I really want horses again, they were a part of my childhood and honestly I won’t consider my life a total success until the day I have a ranch home with at least two horses to ride.

Poetry, Autobiographical Stories, and Articles I Write

  • Expressing myself with poetry comes easy for me, I owe this to having read so much in my lifetime, especially as a child, and also because of practice, I guess – Idk but..
  • I enjoyed writing to get my point across, and my writings have been featured here and there, both credited and as a ghost writer.
  • My lifetime includes some pretty crazy adventure stories and I expect more to come, so there’s plenty to write about in this regard!  So I’m working on turning my private journals into an autobiography which I’ll publish here as blog posts.

Thanks for coming by, stay tuned for all of this and more…

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i kinda want one of these

I stumbled upon this cool blog by Alpay Kasal who is quite an ingenious inventor.

Just take a look at the fun art and cool technology toys that he creates and consequentially gets to play with, such as the one in this video:

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welcome to my online turf… it’s nice to be back after almost 8 years of not being online! i certianly couldn’t foresee (or even scarcely imagine) being away for so long! i have been a computer junkie since 9 yrs old and i ‘lived’ online well before the internet was widely available. while it seems the idea of even having an ‘online identity’ is still a rather new concept for many, i was keen to the idea back in 1993 which makes me seem old since it may be difficult for you to imagine life without the internet now, however i’m only 29 years old. my personal site started out hosted on my own server thanx to an old box running Slackware 1.7 and it died shortly after my last post on 7/7/01. i miss all the cool people and the good vibes of those who where web journaling back before the Pyra folks started calling us ‘bloggers’. if you check out some of those old websites courtesy of the way back machine you’ll see what i mean… or umm probably not, it’s one of those things where you like had to be there. anyways, i love/hate computers and have been working with them since 1988, i used to run up the phone bill dialing BBSs and actually miss those times (not the 1200 baud connection though, or monochrome screens). the sad thing was that i was still playing on BBSs when radiply more and more than just an elite few started to enjoy the ‘world wide web’ and with higher and higher speeds, mind you; while i was stuck out in a small rural town literally chomping at the bit. when i finally got set free from small town hell i started my own computer company during the dot com pre crunch era… ahhh where am i now ….and what am i talking about?? wow this is seriously ancient boring stuff, but i bet you read at least 90% of it. that is time you’ll never get back my friend, hope you don’t mind LOL!! next time read faster using …ohh yeah, i would call myself the ‘internet rock star’ if that title didn’t properly belong to ben brown.

enjoy my new personal site and thanx for visiting, you big reader you!!

peace out – brent

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wake up you shoe gazing twits!!

telegraph – phone – txt mesg – instant messenger – twitter

…yep, great progress.

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What is Cloud Computing??

‘Cloud Computing’ – whatever… new fancy catch phrase, same old game… build the ‘hype’ and attract the money!

here you can enjoy a bunch of cloudy answers from many of the industries top professionals:


watch above for Chris Carfi’s response, which IMPO definetly shines some light on all this cloudy stuff!

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