Brent’s Top 10 Christmas Song Picks

1.) Do They Know It’s Christmas (Feed The World) – Band Aid

The worlds most amazing music artist, singing for the world’s greatest need. The above is a modern version, but this one and the original version (my favorite), are equally as great.


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Where you go, I’ll go!!

I love this video from Jesus Culture!

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What can I give back to you, God, for the blessings you poured out on me??

I promise to give back to God all that He’s poured into me. All of my talents, all of my riches, all of my success, all of my heart… they are made by you and for you, Jesus. I will continually give myself to the lost, hurt, and dying world. Thank you for your perfect example of love, for being the first to give, for making me a new creature now reborn to live to give!

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Yo P-Funk folks hold your funkadelic funkin’ cause your mothership ain’t got nothin’ on these current heavenly realities… take a trip to the other side, and come ride the ride of your life – it’s the J-train baby!!

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internet rock star?! huh??

hello, i’m brent christian (as if that wouldn’t be obvious)
i’m using this post as the oppourtunity, of which it certianly is, to clear up any confusion or delusions that you (the web community) or me-myself-and-I may have ever had or currently have concerning this matter.

I am NOT an internet rockstar.

Everybody, that knows, knows ben brown is the real ‘internet rockstar’!!

Although… I do have a history with both worlds…

as a geek >> internet

-or- (choose wisely)

as a band member >> rockstar

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How I met John Davis,
The Lead Singer and Guitarist of Superdrag

1st off, Superdrag is one of my all time favorite bands!

I got to see them perform on their Industry of Giants tour at the renown venue, 9:30 Club, in Washington D.C.

After the show, I went back in to the venue after the crowd of people streamed out and then just started talking with the band and then had a more personal chat with John. When I’m not feeling lazy to write, I’ll update this post with the more interesting details.

Superdrag are also one of my best friend’s favorite groups, and he also got to meet John Davis and even interview him here in this video…

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NOT a RockStaR anymore

brent rocks with Down in the Mouth

Performing at Redrum – Austin, TX

Yes, that was me… circa 2001-2005. I performed with Austin, TX based rock band Down in the Mouth which consisted of famed songwriter, guitarist, and lead singer Monte Peck, drummer Marshall Peck, and yours truly, Brent Christian, We featured an inconsistent revolving cast of bass players, notably… ‘Ex-bestfriend’ Jason Kupka, Derrick the drunk, James LeBlanc the mad scientist, and last but certianly not least, our pale-white rapper (not to be confused with ‘wigger’) and real life comic strip hero Sir Ted ‘teddy boy’ Moore.

We had a lot of fun making good and terrible music together. I love all my ex-bandmates/friends and despite all the drama it was, I miss meeting up with them at our old practice place (or at our various renegade spots where we would rendezvous), I miss entertaining on the stage (or at such venues as Austin’s Pizza), and I miss all the songs we played which came to mean a lot to me.
Thanks Captian Monte! *hat tip*

Monte’s latest creative compositions can now be heard through the musical entrouge known as ‘The Hanyaks

I still have a passion for creating/performing music. Over the years, I have built up a collection of songs and am looking forward to collaborating with others to properly record them. …all in good time my friends, *brent-time*

While I write songs of all types and about many things, I believe music should ultimately be used to glorify God, for communicating our love to Him, for receiving & sending out divine prophecies and revelations of Him, and for bringing Heaven to earth. If you’re a musician and this interest you, check out this video series from psalmist Misty Edwards: Musicians, Know Your True Relevance

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Musicians – know your true relevance

There is soo much more on this topic than I will post at the moment, but as God revealed to Misty Edwards, there is a ‘new song’ coming. Much more than just being a new tune, melody, rhythm, or lyrical content…. the new song will actually be new in all those ways, but will also be sung with such a holy spirit power behind it that it will shake the entire earth… Literally. It will not just be a song, but a world-wide stream of awakening consciousness, and that’s what it will sound like!
It will literally bring Heaven to Earth…
And herald in what is known as the Millennial Reign of God.

Who will write the soundtrack to the end of this age? God?
No, you will do the actual writing and performing.
He will move through His chosen vessels of honor.
I pray you accept this calling.

Misty Edward’s Dream and her song inspired by it.

Misty Edward’s Breakout Session on Prophetic Worship at One Thing 2007:

for more info visit

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The Hanyaks – CD Release!

The Hanyaks have just released their full length album The Breakdown!

The Hanyaks - CD Release

This masterful album is now available for purchase:

And you can check out more of The Hanyaks at the following links:

Listen to the Hanyaks!

Get This Album in MP3 at

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