What can I give back to you, God, for the blessings you poured out on me??

I promise to give back to God all that He’s poured into me. All of my talents, all of my riches, all of my success, all of my heart… they are made by you and for you, Jesus. I will continually give myself to the lost, hurt, and dying world. Thank you for your perfect example of love, for being the first to give, for making me a new creature now reborn to live to give!

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  • janice tylke says:

    psalm 63 …….love!!! silly boy :)))

  • janice tylke says:

    oops!!… changing my thought to ISAIAH 63:7-9!!! I would tell over the Eternal’s famous deeds, praising his acts of love, after all the Eternal has done for us, the Eternal so rich in care for us, after all his wealth of love and his compassion, when he said, ” Surely they are my own people, sons that will never play me false”. and so he proved himself their savior in all their adversity. It was no envoy and no angel, “twas his own Presence saved them; he rescued them himself in love and pity, he lifted them and carried them all though the days of old.

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