Yo P-Funk folks hold your funkadelic funkin’ cause your mothership ain’t got nothin’ on these current heavenly realities… take a trip to the other side, and come ride the ride of your life – it’s the J-train baby!!

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  • sarah Ward says:

    Brent HIIIIIIIIIII. six flags went to off the water but we’ll find something to do. Okay Saturady, best day ever. I’m really thinking Redline Dayat the park that starts st 2, then you can say hi to all the redline peeps,and meet the wonderful Wallaces,(it’s like you sre family already b/c of your cool connections!)
    Yeah let do it, day at the park. After OV I;m going to go to Boston’s to celebrate my birthdate with another person whose birthday is tomorrow, and my roomates are going as well as some ov’ers..yeah and perhaps you can see Angela Cummings! Yeah, I love family time! Yeah birthday!
    It’s going to be fun fun fun for everyone…
    I liked the bedtime rap by the way…
    we’ve gotta to go to world revivel church in kc, seriously we’ve gotta go next weekend!!!

  • sarah Ward says:

    ahh one more day of teenagerness ahh!

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