Used To Love You

I was telling a new friend about my past relationship…
In an attempt to be hopeful, she says, “Well maybe it’s not too late to try again, ya never know what can happen.”

Perhaps she didn’t understand that my heart has moved on,
…or was it that she could see that I still care soo much??

I still wonder how my ex, Robin, feels about us… whenever she is honest.
Not just about the memories which could be both good and bad…
But what of our love?
Love that gave us great joy together.
Love that got us through tough times together.

Can’t say it wasn’t real.


Gwen keeps it real…

Awesome new single release even in light of the subject matter of
what her heart has been through. There is always something better
on the otherside of pain for amazing people like Gwen who turns her
sorrows into a beautiful expression of art with this song.

Gwen Stefani - Used To Love You

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The Lovers, Act VI

Welcome To My Autobiography

This is Part VI of a notable chapter in the life of yours truly ~
A chapter dedicated to telling the *full* story of my relationship with Robin Dodge, whom I still love dearly.

More than a mere love story,
it is the rise and fall of a dream,
and everything in between.

To Be Continued…

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