Walkie Talkie Party Line Excercise Adventures

…Just got back from what was my shortest stroll around the neighborhood in a year of living here.

Yep, this time I actually only did a quick ‘once around the block’. Now hopefully my shortened walking time will be for your benefit, as I spend time instead bringing to focus with this post what my normal walkabouts are all about…

Unlike tonight, usually when I go out for walks they become quite adventuresome outings! These spontaneous journeys often begin with a phone call which send me out the door to combine a good bit of fresh air and excercise with my phone time and can end up lasting for several hours. After spending a lot of my time working at the computer this is just the right thing to keep the blood pumping, my mind stimulated, and my spiritual bandwidth increasingly widened. Of course I also owe much of that to the caliber of wonderful people I associate with by telephone.

To comment on the benefits of fresh air and excercise that come with these walks would be undone without mentioning how amazing the landscape is here. My surrounding provides beautiful lush oxygen rejuvinating trees and a myriad of terrains to tackle. Often people have asked me, “What are you doing, why do you sound short of breath?” To which I must explain to them about some steep incline I’m hiking!

Walking while talking increases the quality of my time spent engaging on the phone by getting me away from any distractions in the house such as my roommate, computer, books, reminder notes, background music/noise, or whatever else, which allows for my undivided attention to be given those I’m conversing with.

These walk and talk adventures are a good way to clear my head too, which ends up happening either between calls or after a really long conversation. In the event of the latter case, when I finally hang up after a discussion worthy of that much talk time, I may find myself with at least an hour’s trek back! This is also great because it leaves me with plenty of time for reflection, which can be especially valuable due to the nature of our talks.

Our conversations regularly include topics related to, or most likely rather a combination of, spirituality, business, music, dreams and revelations, prophetic messages, computer geek speak, inventions, marketing, world events, Jesus, Jesus, and more Jesus! Of course, all things tie back to Him, and over many phone calls my friends and I have also spent our time praying together. Our prayers are one for another including each other’s family and friends, about the future, about current events, etc, etc… lotta heavy revy and Joy in those moments.. I love it! During these special times spent talking and praying with my loved ones I often see or sense angelic activity around me and have been thankful for the protection, encouragement, prompting, confirmation, and excitement they bring.

Sometimes we get party line style chats going! Calls like these are mostly spontaneous and great fun. Usually, someone calls me on the other line and I join the 2 calls together. Most of the time the other caller has an interest in what we are discussing and, in fact, that may even be why they are calling in… I love hosting divine Holy Spirit connection time on my line!

Having said that, I’d also like to announce the use of my conference line for interested parties. Soon I’ll be sending out personal invites with more information, including calling schedules.

For all those friends and family of mine who I haven’t heard from in a while but would also like to join in… just let me know! Others who are interested but don’t know me personally can send me a message letting me know what interest you have in being part of these conversations and perhaps you’ll be welcomed to get in on the action too. Contact me via this site, enquire by email, or on Facebook.

Thank you my friends for hanging out with me by tele, always looking forward to our next engagements… especially when we can all get together face to face ~ when distance is no longer a matter of traveling dollars, or even better, when teleportation privileges are granted us! …oh yeah!! 😉

…Until then, the party line is open to you!

(P.S. you will not be required to walk while you talk.. that’s just what i like doing LOL)

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