My Website Runs on Luminiferous Aether

Ethernet, which is the collective technologies of medium used to transmit data at the physical layer of our beloved Internet, derived its name from a concept held popular among physicist during the late 19th century – Luminiferous aether.

It has been said that the very idea of luminiferous aether, the invisible medium by which all light travels through, has been cut out of the scientific communities’ acceptace by “Occam’s razor”. However, reasoning along the lines of that razor means the pathetic acceptance of whatever seems rational instead of actually coming to know truth. This is how the theory of helio-centricity was introduced by Copernicus and devilishly hoisted upon the minds of men, and why it still remains a persistant detractor from the real truth of geo-centricity.

I heartily laugh at all this while the sun orbits me through light-bearing aether – for a little razor is no match for my mighty sword. 🙂

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