Musicians – know your true relevance

There is soo much more on this topic than I will post at the moment, but as God revealed to Misty Edwards, there is a ‘new song’ coming. Much more than just being a new tune, melody, rhythm, or lyrical content…. the new song will actually be new in all those ways, but will also be sung with such a holy spirit power behind it that it will shake the entire earth… Literally. It will not just be a song, but a world-wide stream of awakening consciousness, and that’s what it will sound like!
It will literally bring Heaven to Earth…
And herald in what is known as the Millennial Reign of God.

Who will write the soundtrack to the end of this age? God?
No, you will do the actual writing and performing.
He will move through His chosen vessels of honor.
I pray you accept this calling.

Misty Edward’s Dream and her song inspired by it.

Misty Edward’s Breakout Session on Prophetic Worship at One Thing 2007:

for more info visit

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