4:20am awakening

i lay there thinking about her while i waited for sleep to come. then suddenly a sorta ‘pop’ happened in my head
and everything became completly still and quiet as if i was asleep while awake in an unconscience conscienceness.
7 seconds later that stillness was interupted with a sound like a shot-gun bast heard across the field of my mind.
I questioned it, but it was so mysterious that no thoughts could form with which to explain what was going on. i felt
at peace though and quickly thereafter fell into a deep sleep …ahemm… for 20 minutes… till some rough sounding noise
just outside my room woke me up and i was wide awake! i bothered myself as to whether i should get up and investigate
who might be breaking into my house or if i should just say a prayer and go back to sleep. by the time i said a prayer
and marveled at how wide awake i was, i had convinced myself it would also be prudent to at least get up to check what
that distressing noise was all about. finding nothing readily obvious to blame, i decided to forget about it, grab a bowel of
cereal, and go get some work done at the computer. then i thought about her again. i thought about writing to her,
but had nothing to say. there are no words for her right now. instead i wrote what could be written – this quirky glimpse
into a minute portion of my life during an inbetween time …inbetween thoughts of her.

brent christian

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