Brent’s Top 10 Christmas Song Picks

1.) Do They Know It’s Christmas (Feed The World) – Band Aid

The worlds most amazing music artist, singing for the world’s greatest need. The above is a modern version, but this one and the original version (my favorite), are equally as great.

2.) Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley & Martina McBride

This one goes out to the girl of my dreams, hoping she enjoyed Hanukkah and wishing her a safe Christmas spent with family and loved ones.

3.) OI To The World – No Doubt

Can’t we all just get along? …I love this song!
No Doubt also performed it nicely back in 1997, Check out the original written and recorded by the Vandals,

4.) Happy Christmas (War Is Over) – John and Yoko

When we allow Christ to reign there will be only peace!

5.) Won’t Be Home For Christmas – Blink 182

I know I’ve felt like this many a Christmas seasons 🙁
Thank Jesus, I think I’m becoming a bit less screwgy as the years pass.

6.) Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You – Billy Squier

Back in the days when MTV meant Music Telivision.

7.) O Holy Night – Christina Aguilera

Remember this is my list… so yeah, I can put what I want on it!
Love her or hate her, just don’t ever think you can sing better.

8.) Mistletoe and Wine – Cliff Richard

I could use some misteltoe and wine. This one was an 80’s #1 chart topper.

9.) Everything’s Gonna Be Cool This Christmas – The Eels

My favorite Christmas Song!! …about the video? …I have no idea; have never watched an episode of the O.C. …or whatevers. Here’s is a cool live version performed with Cracker and Baubles:

10.) Wonderful ChristmasTime – Paul McCartney

Paul is the man!! Everything he does is golden.

11.) Wham! – Last Christmas

Either I can’t count or I did this on purpose, you decide… either way we can’t leave this one out – it’s a marvelous classic. Hope you’re not having a Christmas like this unless you’re the girl of my dreams… in which case I’m hoping we’ll find each other in time for next Christmas!

Since I’m going over ten already… here goes some more Christmas music love…
12.) Just Like Christmas – Low

Another great tune… heck, it met the Guardian newspaper’s approval.

13.) Christmas Techno – DJ Lycan

Bonus.) Darude – Sandstorm

Not a Christmas song… duh!
But hey… this is way cool.

Have fun!!
Love you all – Blessings on into the New Year!!

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