Raul Trevino or Raul Cantu??

How was I to see the difference between the men you have shared our wine with?
Raul Trevino or Raul Cantu?? …or whoever?


We both have had issues of trust because of things which have deeply hurt us in our past.

What happened to you when Tom left you, you feared would happen again.

I feared that you would cheat on me…

You saw how I reacted after your birthday.
I spent all I had to take you out, but you still went out with Raul
And did so just the next day, after you said you wouldn’t the day before.
I was betrayed and very hurt.

…and that hurt me too while I was in Midland…
He is someone I have never even met, taking you out often,
and getting drunk together. When I would call you, you would
ignore me, or drunk-fight with me. It really hurt!
I also never trusted you when you went out with
Heather… cause people do stupid things when they are drunk
and she is a bad influence about hooking up with guys.

I was in a relationship with someone who did that to me alot.
She would come home so drunk, she would fall out of the car.

I loved her, I did everything for her!
I tried so hard to help her stop the coke,
stop the drinking, stop lying to me.

Do you understand now?
…why it hurts me so much when you go out without me?

I am a good man, and I want to give you a good life.

Ok babe?

I’m sorry I let you down, but I was afraid, ok?

Meanhile, you so often projected your fears and insecurites about me leaving you
because of your past hurts… that always drove me away!

But in my heart, I never want to be apart from you 🙂
I know you are a GOOD woman.

You feared me ‘leaving you at the alter’
I feared you hooking up with someone else
Our fears came true.

But that is not what we want!!

Let’s come together and heal from our past, stop this pattern,
and be the best we can be so we can go and help others in this
world that need what we have to share.

You are my amazing partner for life – I love you dear.

– brent

“If you focus on the negative or the problems in your life, your life will be ‘the problem’.
But if you focus on solutions and what you want, your life will be ‘the solution’.” – Amy Applebaum

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