September Preflight Poetry

Shabbalicious September / What A Time To Remember / A Labourious Birthday Labor Day / Only Seemed It Would Always Be That Way / As Each Passing Year That I Got Older / With Certainty Of More To Shoulder / I Prayed To Face The World Much Bolder / Now 31 Years And What To Show? / HA! / Those Short Years Only Mean Much Further to Go / For There Are Many Secrets Of Brent The World Has Yet To Know / Surprising Works In Progress Purposefully Kept Low / In Divine Timing Will Radiantly Glow / For In Me Are Being Made Perfect ALL The Giftings Which Only My Maker Could Bestow!!

September, 2010, Year of the Eagle

– brent

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The Elijah Revolution

The Elijah Revolution:

After God sent me to participate in The Call – D.C. held in Washington D.C. on August 16th 2008, I became part of this exciting movement and dedicated myself to a lifestyle of prayer and fasting!

The Call –

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