Brittany Murphy

As I was working late night Saturday, a seemingly random thought came to me, “Brittany Murphy… hmmm, I wonder what she’s doing these days. hmmm… hope she’s doing well…”

I smiled to myself as I recalled her charm and personality, “HAH!… of course she’s well, and probably just as busy as she ever was… I bet she’s even got a new movie project or something special she’s working on…”

Brittany Murphy

Then I briefly thought back to back to 2002 remembering praying for her and how I prayed for her well-being on several occasions over the years every since then. Why did I find myself suddenly thinking about her now though?

I mused over the fact of how easily I can get distracted as my thoughts went toward a quick google search to ease my curiosity….

“No, Stop! Wait a minute… ohh no you don’t!”, came the cries of discipline just as I went for a new firefox tab, “Not with all this work you have to do!!”

Back to the task at hand, I worked all through the night on into the morning.

Finally ready to call it quits after a 12 hour work stint, I flipped over to Facebook to see how many fresh messages awaited my attention…. Instead what I found left me staring at the screen in bewildered disbelief….

“Actress Brittany Murphy dead at 32…Sad..” – quoted by a friend of mine.

WHAT!?!?!? WHAT???

Brittany Murphy - Nov. 10, 1977- Dec. 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy Nov. 10, 1977- Dec. 20, 2009

I started to check the news… no. bad idea. …already some reference to drug involvement and I could just imagine the ugly feeding frenzy of the tabloids and etc press who were most likely drawing and reporting their own ill conclusions and opinions as per usual. No, none of that for me… I felt sick.

I did not want to know what happened.

I just logged off the computer and went to sleep.

The next day I cried. Today I cried more.

Only 32.

Brittany Murphy

...gone before her time

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