Starbucks Rant

I enjoy studying companies that have attained huge success and I spend a great deal learning about what makes them work well. I like seeing brands evolve and understand the phsycology behind product marketing.

Having said all that, I pose the questions: What makes Starbucks (obviously a massive success) so special? What gives it true value? Does it have any? Is it really found in their coffee? Do you even like it? Maybe it’s the service? How about the environment? Maybe you go for the smoothies LOL? Conveinent Locations? What??

Since people get unhealthily attached to brands in a cult like way, which in this case many are, I do realize the potential backlash this post may receive from loyal Starbuckers.

Making enemies by sharing my opinion of Starbucks Coffee certianly is not my intent here but is a rather predictable response to the truth, especially of people who may have embraced a lie for an extended period of time.

My real hope in sharing here is that truth liberates you – as it does when you truly let it in! So… I hope those reading will do so with an open heart…

…and now for the truth about Starbuck’s product and marketing:



Yes, the Starbucks logo and Startbucks’ coffee are both really gross; equally offensive even.

As far as the coffee goes… well, it is quite insulting to the U.S. populace that a company continually thrives by selling inferior coffee because the majority of consumers lack any experience of good coffee. I see this as exploitation over an ignorant populace and I much prefer fresh roasted beans, thank you!

Once you know good coffee, I promise, you’ll only drink Starbucks in desperation due to the lack of alternatives and for it’s convienience – not by preference… I certianly buy there as an exception rather than habit. Also, I like investing my money with companies who I trust to reinvest their profits into Kingdom ventures (…but that’s another topic all together).

If you would like help understanding why their logo is so distasteful in representing something people drink, you can take a look at these references:

  • An interesting link showing the evolution of the Starbucks logo which even includes correspondence from the original logo designer.
  • Here is Wikipedia’s entry about the melusine creature depicted on Starbucks’ logo which is also known as a succubus.

Consumers’ ignorance and the lack of convienent alternatives work well for this company.

Now for a more positive perspective of which I’ll leave you… I’ll have to admit I have enjoyed my past visits to Starbucks. Since they have managed to build one on every corner they are often easy meeting points which also offer the value of providing a clean and chill environment most the time. Also, on several occasions I have met many exceptionally cool Starbucks employees who made my visits worthwhile.


  • (If you are wondering what really is good coffee is all about, and where you can find it, stay tuned… I feel a new post coming up in which I write about how and where I learned about different types of coffee and what truly great coffee I enjoy most.)

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