Letter from April 29th


I’m up thinking about you as always.

Thinking about one of my many missions…
One of them which I’ve shared with you about –
To return to all the nursing homes (14 of them)
where I’ve previously worked and to start a program
of bringing out children to sing for the elderly.
The vision I told you about, that Holy Spirit gave me
asking me, “Would you be in charge of Operation SonShine.”
…and of which I readily replied,
“Yes! Thank you, my Lord, I would be honored to”

I’m considering the impact which you
and I were meant to have as a team in doing those types
of projects. But now you’ve decided that I’m crazy and
delusional and shame me for sharing my heart with you
about such things. Really hurts me… still.

A Good Partner Comes From God

It was indeed God who brought us together,
and gave us such a great chance to do amazing things together.
I know I was a gift from God to you,
and You a precious gift from Him to me.
No doubt.
In light of your choice to throw us away,
I still pray for you though, that with or without me,
you’ll uncover and follow as much as is possible with what’s left
of your alloted time, your destiny scroll
which was dreamed up and written by our
great Father before the foundation of the world
and now encoded in your DNA.

Made Into One

We were both made to achieve greatness in the Kindgom,
to become His Royal Ambassadors here on Earth, to serve
in His court, but to rule with servant hearts as
His King and Queen for the administration of His
great love and compassion for hurting people.

(This isn’t dellusional mumble jumble… this is serious
responsibility and business ordained by the MOST Holy
and Powerful Being to ever exist, Our Creator.)

I know you have ‘explained away’ you and I to people…
That we were just too different and etc, etc.
And that everything worked out the way it should have
since you are now ‘happily’ trying to fill the vaccum of your heart
with affections from another… and in a very twisted way even
claiming God’s involvement in what happened with us,
despite how our seperation greatly hurt His heart.
And worse, to imply God had anything to do with your breaking us
apart as you did, by having sex with your gym trainer, and now
perpetuating and trying to believe the lie that all this mess was
just meant to be so you could return to an old soul-tie.
Of course, all of that was NOT God’s will in the slightest.
Rather it was that we should grow and become better people
with one another’s help, to draw closer to the Holy Spirit,
perfecting our love for God and one another, so we would be
well equipt for changing the world together.
..Not breaking apart… and def not living some sub-par life
ignoring God’s amazing plans for our lives together.

Even so, I still pray the heart of Jesus, and forgive you
so that what Satan meant for your harm may turn to your good
when you choose again to live for Him instead of yourself.
And I still love you no matter what you’ve ever done,
and despite whatever you may choose to do.

…I hope you hear my heart, instead of defaulting
to defense mode as you are want to do.
Or taking what seems
like the easy way out and just ignoring/blocking out thoughts
about all this, while my heart is still hurting since you have
not expressed any kindness whatsoever towards my feelings in
all of this, at all.

Please consider how much I care about you, and above all else,
I wish you could see how I and God see you and hold you in Our heart!
That you are so special to us… (No matter what!)
You are a Royal Jewel… His Princess.
Beautiful and Perfect in EVERY way.

I love you.

Robin and Brent | Engaged

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