Divine Connections

so… I finally arrived home after taking a much delayed flight!


…but no complaints whatsoever since it was all part of God’s awesome design at work in my life! For me, this weather related flight delay was a joyful myriad of opportunities.

Just about every time I step out of the house it seems God has some great provision awaiting me through one of His servants. Likewise, every time I go out He also puts many people in my path of which I have the joy of meeting and serving.

As I just traveled home after 3 days away for a “job training”, I had many of these connections along the way, all of which details will be included in my latest book-in-progress aptly titled, “Divine Connections”.

It is most remarkable to realize that almost every person I meet along my journey through life are of utmost importance to my destiny. Whether it be it a lowly beggar or a rich ruler I rarely take for granted these great encounters lest I be blinded by sin and miss God’s best for me. It is because of these wonderful experiences, and my trust in Jesus that I continue to look for blessings in even the worst of situations and welcome these “Divine Connections”.

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  • Tae says:

    Hi Brent,

    This is Tae, the guy you talked to other night when you called Comcast. It is always so awesome to see young people on fire for Christ. I am Godly proud of the stand you have chosen to take to be seperate from the world and to sell out to Christ. That is most intelligent decision you could ever make. I wish you well in all your endeavours, and lets continue to keep the name of JESUS lifted up

    • Brent says:

      I remember our conversation and being inspired by our talk, it was indeed also a divine connection. Blessings wherever you’re at these days ~

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