True Love is Praying for You

Though you may attract many lovers to your bed, true love’s desires can’t be fed… till you know the appointed and anointed covering for your precious princess head

While all your boy toys are payin’ and playin’ for your attention he’s the one who, through prayerful ascension, is unceasingly makin’ mention of your life and future to the father of the fatherless…

Yeah, he’s the one faithfully and patiently waiting for you – praying each day and every night for you, for the light of God’s love to breakthrough… Holding on to God’s promises, knowing there is nothing He can’t and won’t do to reach you

Yeah, he’s envisioning your Father’s many majestically captivating love ways…

of shinning out in beautiful sunny rays His many blessings towards you throughout your days,

or perhaps His light will capture your heart by night when casting overhead in picturesque portrayal His vast love, ever expansive and infinite as the sky complete with a star twinkling just for you

now contemplating another of nature’s display of God’s love – he’s considering the blue ocean forever in motion, likewise a sign of love’s deep devotion with many mysteries of constant discovery

…hmm, what will it be? …how about this divinely inspired poetry?

Yes… he’s excitedly and hopefully waiting for you to see the sublime ways God has made known His love for thee, and the profound length God has taken to demonstrate a love that cannot be shaken – a love that could do what none other could do …who would send His son to die for you …yes, even in your place – He died to completely erase sin’s stain, alleviate your deepest pain, and help you overcome all death’s fear… So call on Him now when He is near and He will surely wipe away your every tear!

While you wrestle sleepless nights away with unsettling thoughts haunting your precious head, he’s thinking of you, still praying that you’ll make it through. …and when you’re left lonely despite any number of lovers who’ve shared your bed, he’s praying that you’ll fall a sleep and wake in the arms of Jesus instead.

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