Jesus is into Healthcare

I’ve actually been working in the healthcare environment for a few months now and have witnessed many incredible miracles here. God had me pray over the hands of many nurses that they would receive and freely give the healing power of Jesus. Just before God sent me to work here, He put that healing power in my hands. Once, after I prayed with a receptionist at one facility she was so deeply touched by God that word spread around and the people’s faith there was greatly increased. Suddenly, I couldn’t walk down the halls without someone grabbing me and asking me to stop and pray for them! Several nurses have been praying over the patients and they are getting healed! One nurse came to me and told me about a recent dream in which her hands and face began glowing and God told her that she had the gift of healing. A few administrators of the facilities have even asked me to pray for them; we asked that God would guide them in leadership and increase their vision of Jesus as healer. I also prayed that fear would not stop anyone from inviting Jesus to work among the people. There is so much more to tell about this, because it’s only the beginning of what God has showed me will begin happening out in this field.

Today is also my last day to work at those facilities, which means I will look forward to visiting again when I’m completely free to spend time with the people instead of being tied to computer work.

That will be so much fun!! Jesus is Awesome!

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