It’s Raining, Again

Sponge – Rainin’ (Live)

Here it is again, that mystical rain! Coming right into my house now!!!

…happened just like this 3 years ago.

Then after being well watered, I grew.
I was clean, refreshed, and made holy for the journey ahead.

Took to the road in faith and was met with mercy and grace,
for signs, wonders, and miracles.

This time will be 100 fold increase.
It’s time for the ‘latter rain’… Tsunami Rain.

Last one, washing all things pure for the the End of This Age and the Beginning of a New One.

[Post Pending About My Road Trips…]

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Jesus is Awesome – The New Estatics Continues!

I’m going to indonesia with these guys in September!


Check out my travel page for more details about my our trip!

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