My New Job

…OK…I’M GONNA START writing here a bit more regularly since there’s just so many AWESOME things happening around me… and i want to share it! i’m quite sleep deprived at this point, but nevertheless for family, friends, and other of my readers’ sakes i’ll complete this post with due dilligence 🙂

so… i flew out to do a 3 day training for a new I.T. contract that I just acquired; all thanx to GOD! The work will last perfectly 5-6 weeks, just before my scheduled trip to Indonesia. I’ll be updating the computer systems being used in several healthcare facilities. So far the work has been tough, not because the work is too much, but… I have a hard time seeing the many sickly people onsite while being wrapped up in doing my job…because all i really want to do is leave the ‘stupid computers’ alone and just love on all the hurting people!! i want set the captives free! I started praying while updating one of the computers and I told God how I really was feeling… so He told me to keep praying for them. I know He is answering my prayers and will make a way for me to minister to these people in a much greater capacity without restraint. I will go to hospitals and the sick will be healed! even the dead will be raised in the name of Yeshua Jesus!! The captives will be set free!

*** Thank you for healing these many people JESUS Messiah ***.

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