Dealing with ‘Mental Illness’

Ultimately, I believe in the healing power of God to take care of our minds.
But what does that look like?
God is love and God’s healing flows from compassion! We must all care for one another, doing our part to have understanding and compassion towards everyone’s state of well being to see mental health healing in our world.

I believe, there’s a place in our world for every mind, that we should accept with love all minds no matter where they are along the spectrum of cognitive function.
And I believe that healing for every single mind is available and, furthermore, that we should ALL count ourselves in need of such healing no matter our current level of cognitive ability…
that we should ALL look to our higher calling which is to have the perfect mind of Christ and to bring others to that same enlightenment through love.

Being understanding and learning how to interact well with everyone no matter where they are at in the development of their mind is loving each other well. And that’s true Christian love.

Having said that, here are a few stories below each with lessons to learn from other’s struggles with mental illness.

Unwell | Rob Thomas

The world needs all kinds of minds | Temple Grandin

A tale of mental illness | Elyn Saks

Being just crazy enough | Joshua Walters

The voices in my head | Eleanor Longden

Strange answers to the psychopath test | Jon Ronson

What’s so funny about mental illness? | Ruby Wax

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