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BrenT’s WeB PortaL ~ WeB DevelopmenTs

These are all cooking in the oven:

  • _websites, social media relations, marketing, and property search solutions for realtors
  • _e-Commerce retail stores, based on WordPress and integrated with POS systems
  • _open source software archives and guides
  • _music artist online marketing, cd sales, and representation
  • _blog/e-zine showcasing various music from around the world
  • _social network site building
  • _modeling career portfolio websites
  • _unique CMS, CRM, and ERP solutions based on WordPress
  • _and more… :)

Write me below or visit my web development site at www.webdevbrent.com to discover how I can make your web development dreams come true!

  • Email: brent at brentchristian.com
  • Phone: xxx.xxx.xxx (public number available soon)

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