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You can’t get around being where you don’t want to be, when it’s the only way to get to where you do.” – Brent Christian

Another Saturday night… working to keep my promises and solve some ridiculous problems while keeping my boots clean in a hen house…

This Jack Reacher movie scene comes to mind as I try to humor myself and find some appreciation for where I’m at right now. (*sigh*…no, you dolts, I don’t particularly mean being or not being in a bar… and, no, I haven’t landed in jail for the night either.)  And if you can’t draw any conclusions from this, well you’re dense, and I’d definately not be trusting you to know the full extent of what I mean by any means, let alone over a blog post.  Suffice it to say situations often find their way to my door only because I’m just trying to do what’s right in a world of corruption.

  In looking for this scene clip, I discovered there will be a sequel to this movie… so that’s pretty cool… I contemplate -maybe- going out to watch it when it hits the big screen, but being able to count on my fingers the number of films I’ve actually gone to the theater for with about half of them being because of a date, and with the likeliness of still being worlds away from any potential romantic interest around that time, and certianly most likely to still be just as engrossed as ever in living out some of my own real life drama so as to not be able to afford the leisure of watching a fictional one, all make for quite a very very low probability that I will get to see it when it 1st comes out.   But I commit the October 21 release date to memory with much more thought than my usual habit for memorizing seemingly arbitrary stuff just for the sake of knowing that I can, in case a truly special miracle does come through ~

…Wow, all that only to discover from an inside source that the release date is now rescheduled for January 13th of 2017, in which case, I’ll likely be going just to celebrate that I can since 2017 will be the start of a new era of amazing success and freedom for me.   So if you want to go with, let me know and you’ll also be included in the RSVP for NeevusParty 2017  😀

No trailer for the sequel has been released yet, but here’s a trailer look at the first Jack Reacher movie:

And if you happen to be into film making or martial arts, then you’ll love this behind the scenes ‘making of’:

Anways… can anyone out there relate…

To the movie, the character, or anything about this post?
Anyone a fan of the Jack Reacher book series or enjoyed the movie?

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