Man’s Knee Totally Healed Today!

I’ve been having so much fun taking every opportunity to show God’s awesome love on a daily basis! Today an older genteleman’s knee was healed as Jesus touched him when we prayed together. As I was working in the mall and praying I took notice of a man walking with his wife. He was holding on to her side to stablize himself and was having a difficult time walking. While watching his struggle, the Holy Spirit told me, “You should pray for that man.” They came toward my direction and his wife left his side to go browsing in Halmark, after which he hobbled straight to me and exhaustedly asked to borrow my stool to rest himself. I could see the pain in his face, although he did his best to hold it back. I patiently listened as he told about the injuries sustained to his knees from his military duties at sea and how he had just scheduled a surgery for next week after dealing with this pain for years. The Holy Spirit began giving me faith imparting words to speak to him, so I blatantly asked him if he believed in Jesus. Then I questioned what he believed about Jesus. If he believed that Jesus is truly God all-powerful, wouldn’t Jesus have the power to heal him?? I reminded him that Jesus paid the price for our healing on the cross, told him that Jesus loved him, and that He wanted to heal him right now! When He agreed to pray with me by roughly stating that he, “never turned down a prayer before,” I could actually see the hope building in his eyes. I felt the presence of God strong as we prayed a very short simple prayer. Oh thank you Jesus, what joy!! He was healed immediately! After moving around a bit to test his knees out he began dancing right there in the shopping mall and, with harldy a notice, ran off to show his wife the miracle! While he was in the store with her, God reminded me about the story of the 10 lepers and I made sure to share it with him when they came out from the store. I made it clear he sould give all glory and thanks to Jesus and let others know how Jesus is still healing people today. It was so amazing and satisfying to watch him walk away changed by the love of God.

Pray for me as I minister His perfect love and bring souls into His kingdom!

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